Safety Leadership

  Leadership is the most critical component of a successful organization and applies to all areas of performance, not just safety. Without engaged leadership, performance fails to achieve optimal results. The degree of leadership at every level of an organization has a direct bearing on whether employees perceive management truly cares about them. Those perceptions play a large role in employee decision-making and subsequent behaviors.

Many organizations struggle with employee engagement. Even the best and most sophisticated programs, tools and activities will not achieve employee engagement if they are not supported by effective leadership. The engagement of employees is directly tied to the engagement of leadership.

Each level of leadership is supported by the level above. Weak leadership in any position undermines the efforts of those below. This can cause frustration, disengagement and low morale, ultimately impacting performance.

Creating a high-performance culture requires transformational leadership rather than transactional. Many managers tend to be transactional leaders. Transactional leaders focus more on tasks, schedules, budgets and outcome numbers. This type of leadership will not achieve the degree of employee engagement needed for operational excellence. Transformational leaders gain engagement by capturing the hearts and minds of employees resulting in improved performance.

Transformational leaders exhibit specific characteristics and engage in activities that demonstrate concern for their employees. They employ leadership traits that allow them to shape the perceptions of the workforce. Accountability is applied in a fair and balanced manner that motivates employees to excel.

Many managers and supervisors have never been taught how to lead. Some are born as natural leaders. Some have become effective leaders through mentoring and development. Effective leadership is not developed through listening to a lecture. It requires demonstration and practice of the skills necessary to truly motivate employees.

PROSAFE Solutions has been conducting leadership training and development for over 18 years. Our trainers and management consultants consistently receive exceptional ratings by participants for the quality of training and ability to deliver impactful sessions. All courses are designed as interactive workshops to help anchor the concepts and principles taught. We provide specific courses designed for each level of management and supervision.

Our leadership training and development services include:

· Senior/executive courses

· Operational/mid-level courses

· Front-line courses

· On-going refresher courses

· Leadership consultation

The benefits of effective transformational leadership are many and include:

· Lower costs and increased profitability

· Improved morale and lower turnover

· Higher levels of employee engagement

· Dramatic reduction of incidents

Client Testimonial

 "Robins & Morton began its relationship with PROSAFE Solutions in 2011 and I can honestly say that I wish we had begun working together many years before that. PROSAFE continues to be a partner to our organization and has a vested interest in our continued pursuit of safety excellence. Whether it is conducting Safety Leadership Training with our teams, performing a safety culture assessment at one of our project sites, or simply being a resource to the company Mike, Pam and the entire team have taken the time to understand how Robins & Morton works and has adapted their methods to best suit our needs. I would recommend PROSAFE to any company that is looking to improve their safety efforts."

Jeff Palombo

Vice President of Safety Operations

Robins & Morton