What We Do

Company Profile

We are a safety management consulting firm based in the Atlanta, Georgia area. We operate all over North America and specialize in safety consulting and training for the development of high-performance safety cultures. 

Our Signature Services are for organizations seeking to improve safety performance. These advanced services include culture assessments, perception surveys, culture change consulting, safety culture development, performance management, leadership development, human performance, and safety excellence seminars.

The company is owned and managed by qualified and experienced career safety professionals. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest levels of professional services available. Our values are firmly grounded in integrity, ethics, and dependability. Our dedication to results has solidified our reputation as leaders in solutions for world-class safety performance.  


Human Performance

    Human performance (HP) is an operating philosophy and methodology. HP is critical to continuous improvement in safety and risk management. It accounts for a better understanding of human error that is missing in old view traditional safety thinking.


Safety Culture Services

Many organizations today seek higher levels of safety performance. Most have been down the road of regulatory compliance-based safety programs only to be disappointed with less-than-stellar results. Traditional safety program approaches simply will not produce world-class results. Dramatically improving safety performance requires developing a culture of safety excellence.


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