Safety Culture Services


Safety Culture Services


Many organizations today seek higher levels of safety performance. Most have been down the road of regulatory compliance-based safety programs only to be disappointed with less-than-stellar results. Traditional safety program approaches simply will not produce world-class results. Dramatically improving safety performance requires developing a culture of safety excellence.

  Creating a high performance safety culture requires integrating safety into the organizational DNA. While culture change is a hot topic in safety today, it is not as simple as implementing more programs or adding more safety tools. It requires a fundamental shift in the way organizations view safety. Successfully changing culture requires assessment of the current culture, an effective change methodology, the ability to measure change, and a sound approach to change management.

Our clients consistently achieve unprecedented results in safety by creating an environment of commitment, personal responsibility, and accountability for safety excellence at every level of the organization. Call or email us today to see how we can assist you in building a high performance safety culture in your organization. 

Take your safety process to the next level.


Culture Improvement Services

 Safety Culture Assessments

Significant improvements in safety performance require the development of an effective safety culture. To improve culture, one must be able to define the current culture. Our safety culture assessments are designed to provide you with the information you need to get started on the path to safety excellence. Our approach includes the use of our specially designed Safety Opinion Survey©, focus group and management interviews to provide a 360 view and baseline measurement of the current culture.

Human Performance/Human Error

Human Performance is the next generation in safety culture development. Thanks to modern research, the understanding of human error is leading to breakthrough improvements in safety performance. Understanding human error leads to more effective incident analysis, work planning, and implementation of safety defenses. Our consultants provide clients with expert training and guidance in integrating HP tools into their operations.

Safety Leadership Development

Leadership is the most influential component of a safety culture. However, many managers and front-line supervisors have never been taught how to lead with safety. Our Safety Leadership workshops are designed to help develop essential skills, traits, and behaviors necessary for developing and sustaining a high performance safety culture.

Performance Coaching

Effective coaching skills by supervisors lead to much better results than the traditional practice of enforcing rules and regulations. Employee motivation, buy-in and engagement increases in all areas of performance when implemented properly. Our team provides expert training and assistance to help your supervisors shape a positive and proactive safety culture.

Safety Performance Consulting & Seminars

PROSAFE Solutions specializes in helping organizations dramatically improve safety performance and achieve superior results. We offer a variety of high-end safety services, including our famous REAL Safety change management process, and a series of seminars/workshops to assist you in creating a proactive safety culture. 


Organizational Behavior-Based Approach

  Organizations are dynamic. Changes in one area of performance can significantly impact other areas. Success in changing culture requires a holistic approach. Organizations are mostly made up of people. Many safety improvement approaches tend to focus purely on employee behaviors. Creating a culture of high performance requires a holistic focus on total organizational behavior.

PROSAFE Solutions offers client organizations a clear and holistic path to world-class safety performance. Our professional services are based on the latest scientific research in the fields of management, organizational behavior & development, and the social and behavioral sciences.

Our REAL Safety process helps clients change the way they view safety. It allows them to bring out the best in people by creating a culture of caring, of people looking out for people, and of doing the right things for the right reasons every time. It motivates performance by providing people with what they need and want from the work environment to be successful.

Raise the bar in safety today. Call us to see how we can help your organization "Get REAL" about safety.

Client Testimonials


"PROSAFE Solutions has been providing safety culture assessments for Oldcastle Materials for many years. Over the past two years, they have assisted us in a large scale and aggressive undertaking of completing culture assessments for over 50 companies under the Oldcastle Materials umbrella. The staff at PROSAFE has assisted with survey administration, focus group interviews and management interviews in addition to processing large amounts of data and providing assessment reports with valuable recommendations for improvement. The data gathered in the assessment process is tremendously valuable and has proven to be beneficial in providing our management teams with the kind of information needed for actionable change.

The process has now become a sustainable and on-going continuous improvement tool for our organization. Based on its success, we are now beginning reassessments to determine the degree of improvement based on the action plans developed from the baseline measurements.

The staff is nothing short of extraordinary! They are extremely knowledgeable, organized, and professional. They have been a driving force in helping us to customize our approach and to meet critical deadlines for report delivery. I strongly recommend PROSAFE Solutions to any organization seeking to create a high performance safety culture."

Chris May
VP, Safety and Environmental Operations
CRH Americas Materials

 "PROSAFE has been a valued partner in our company's cultural shift and journey towards safety excellence. I highly recommend PROSAFE's deep-dive cultural assessment and corresponding road map toward safety excellence to any organization seeking to improve its safety culture and performance.

A key component in our roadmap to safety improvement was elevating the quality of our internal safety training. PROSAFE provided critical expertise in the assessment of quality gaps in our existing programs, provided assistance in improving our training and helped us develop entirely new training programs to meet best in class standards. I highly recommend PROSAFE as a valuable third party to evaluate and improve any organization's safety training."

Tom Garrett 

Chief Safety & HR Officer 

Brasfield & Gorrie

Our Team


Our Team

 Our team members are all board certified safety professionals with decades of safety management experience. As adjunct faculty for the OSHA Training Institute Education Center at Georgia Tech, our staff members serve as course directors for a number of professional education courses.